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building 1910

 We need the community's help to restore the inside of the shelter.


Make a $3,000 initial renovation supply purchase, and $500 per year there after.

Provide the talents of your staff or hire contractors to assist in upgrading apartments into livable standards.

Call Holly Nomura, Development Director, The Salvation Army at 563-271-7933.


The apartment your company upgrades will no longer be called by a number, it will be replaced with the "Your Organization Name Here" Apartment.  Your organization's donation of time, talent and money will help to ease the challenges in another person's life - maybe even change their life forever.

Please consider making this part of your organization's goals for the coming year. It will help us show people that they have value.


ONE SIMPLE ACT...   smiling girl bw

               ...  can change a person's life.

 Dear Friend,

Children are the fastest growing population of the homeless.  Families are finding it harder to come up with the rent, they get evicted, and become part of the homeless population.  The reasons vary: job loss, medical issues, bad choices.  But this is certain, the children need a home and the family needs stability in order to rebuild.

We must be ready to help families in the Quad Cities when crisis strikes. We must be ready to provide a safe, stable environment for the children. And to do that, we really need your help!

Would you consider "Joining our Army" today?

  • Won't you please send a gift today to help us respond to the urgent need for shelter, food and other critical services?
  • Won't you begin to form a group to bell ring at the end of 2012?

It will be your way of saying, "I haven't forgotten. I still care." Thank you and God bless.

Major Gary Felton, Quad Cities Coordinator

 P.S.      Don't forget... The Salvation Army is much more than a Christmas charity.  We care for less fortunate people 365 days a year

Gifts can be mailed to:  301 West 6th Street, Davenport, IA 52803





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