Access Manager

WebManager has three different levels of access which can be assigned to users. These are:

• Administrators
• Editors
• Section Editors

Each access level has different privileges as to what pages/sections it can edit.

Administrators are the most powerful kind of users in WebManager. They can edit any section of the site and also alter website settings. They can also grant access to other people, change passwords and perform various other functions.

Editors are users who are allowed to edit any website content page on the site. They also have limited access to other sections of the site.

Section editors are users who can only access a subset of pages on the site. They have no access to other pages or any other sections of the site. When a section editor is determined, they must also be added to the individual pages that they are allowed to edit.

Generally, most of your users should be set as editors or section editors. Administrative access should be granted to as few people as possible to ensure the security of your website.

Changing and Granting Access to Your Site

Adding, removing and changing users access levels are done through the Access Manager page. To access this, place your mouse cursor over the Website Settings text on the left hand side of the page, and click on the "Access Manager" option in the menu which appears. You should then be looking at a page like this:


Access Manager Screen Shot

There are three main sections to this page. The first one lists all of the users who have access to edit your site. The second, entitled "Add an existing user" allows you to grant a user access to your website. The last section is entitled "Register a new user". This allows you to grant a user who doesn't have an existing Lotus Notes or WebManager account access to your website.

I'm confused! What's the difference between an adding an existing user and registering a new one?

WebManager users are either existing Lotus Notes users, or are users who have had Salvation Army accounts created for them through WebManager. If you are not sure whether the user you want to grant access to your site has an existing account, you should always search for their name (First & Last name only) in the existing users section of Access Manager before registering a new account for them.

Granting access to a user who already has an Salvation Army account

Use the "Add existing user" option to search for the user you wish to add. You can do this by entering their name into the user details field and clicking on the "Search" button. This should open up a pop-up window with a list of names found in your search. When you see the name of the user you wish to add, simply click on their name and they will be added to your site. Users are always added with the default access level of Editor. You can change this using the first section of the page entitled "All users".

Granting access to a user who has not been registered on Salvation Army systems before

If the search for the user you wish to add has not been successful, you can use the "Register a new user" section of the page to grant a person access to your site. To do this, they need to have a valid email address. To register a user you need to:

• Enter their email address (they will use this to sign in)
• Enter their first and last name
• Enter and confirm a password for them

Once you have entered these details, click on the "Save" button once. Users are always added with the default access level of Editor. You can change this using the first section of the page entitled "All users".

Site Publishers and the Approval Process

WebManager has a built in approval process which protects the pages on your site by preventing them being changed by someone without the proper authority. This process involves having two types of users, the usual levels of access such as Section Editor and Editor, plus a super user known as a Site Publisher. Site publishers are people who have the authority to publish and approve content submitted to them. They can also edit any document whilst it is still live on the web. The approval Process is thus:

  • User makes changes and saves page.
  • Page changes are hidden from the current page which is published on the website.
  • Site Publishers are notified of page change.
  • Page is approved by a site Publisher.
  • Page is published on the website.

This approval process is turned off by default, it is only enabled when a Site Publisher is set. You can see if there are any Site Publishers set on your site by going to the Website Settings page and viewing the Site Publishers section:

Clicking on the "Change" button will open a dialog which allows you to select/de-select Site Publishers. De-slecting all Site Publishers will turn off the approval process so beware! Site publishers can have any level of access to the website, but it is recommended that they are either editors or administrators.



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