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The website settings section of WebManager contains a number of pages which allow you to alter website settings on your site. These settings generally affect every page on the site and are accessible only by people who have an administrative level of access to your website.

Altering options on the Website Settings Page

Before you start!

You will need to have administrative access to your website to open the website settings page.

To open the website settings page, click on the link labeled "Website Settings" on the left hand side of the screen. This will open a page which will look like the image below:

You will see a number of options on this page. Each option is used by WebManager to change an aspect of your site. The options are as follows:

Field/Option Name


Global Site Title

This sets the title which will appear at the top of every page on your website. The picture below show you what the Global Site Title looks like on the public side of your website:

Default Email

If you look at one of the pages on your site, you will see a “contact us” link somewhere on the screen. Clicking this link will take you to the Contact Us form which allows people to send you email by entering their details on this form. The Default Email field specifies where these messages are sent to.


The value you select in this field will be used wherever the site needs to have a country specific option.

Default Language

WebManager is available in multiple Languages. At the time of writing these include English, French, German and Spanish. Changing the language here will present both the interface for WebManager and the public side of the website in your chosen language.

Use Skin

Skins are a way to change the look and feel of your website. This field specifies which skin should be used on the public side of the site, hence setting the look and feel for your website. There is more information on Skins later in this chapter.

Open Page Format

Depending on whether your chosen skin supports it or not, Open Page Format can be used to remove the left hand menus on all of the pages on your website.

Enable Audit Trail

The Audit Trail feature allows the logging of user actions to a separate database for security/audit purposes. When this is enabled all creates, updates and deletions applied to website content pages and publication articles and issues will be logged.

Intranet Mode

Intranet Mode allows a site to be used as an intranet application. If the site is to be used as an intranet this option should be set to yes. This will also place a link to the users mailfile onto the page if they are logged in.

iNotes URL

If WebManager is being used on an intranet, it needs to now how to get to your iNotes(web mail) server. The URL to this should be entered in here, making sure you include the "http://" part and trailing slash. For example

Default Keywords

Default keywords are added to the meta section of the html which creates your webpage if no keywords are entered by the user who creates that page. For a more detailed description of meta tags, visit

Default Description

The Default Description is added to the meta section of the html which creates your webpage if no description is entered by the user who creates that page.

Website URL

The website URL is the URL of the web server that your sire resides on. This is used to display the URL to the site at various places in WebManager.

Host Server URL

This field is used to run server specific tasks, like menu image and global site title image generation, so is quite important! This should be set to the full domain name of the current machine minus the "http" part, for example You'll note there aren't any leading or trailing slashes in the URL.

WebTrends URL

This is the URL to the webtrends report on your website. This is the URL which will be displayed when a user clicks on the “View Statistics” button on the website content page.

Donations URL

This is the URL which is used on the “Donate Now” graphics/text which is usually on the left hand side of every page on the site.

Discussion URL

This field isn't used at the present time and is included for future compatibility.

Link Map

The original Skin used for WebManager contained a link map at the very top of the page which shows the website browser where they are in the Salvation Army territorial hierarchy. The values here are mapped to this. This particular section is included for backwards compatibility.

Max/Min Image Height/Width fields

These fields are used to restrict the sizes of images which can be uploaded to the content pages in your website. Images can also be resized from within WebManager, and restrictions can also be set using these fields. The Max Height/Width fields set the maximum height and width an image can become, the Minimum Height/Width fields are the values which the image must be larger than. All measurements are in pixels.

Google Maps API Key

This section allows you to enter a Google API key which is used in sections of WebManager which use the Google Maps API. Currently the only sections of WebManager where this is used is the NDOS search feature.

Custom JavaScript

This field allows you to enter scripts which will appear on every page of your site. These scripts will appear on the bottom of your page, just before the tag. Please ensure you include tags as these will be not be added automatically.

Saving your page!

Saving the changes you have made to your Website Settings is easy, just click the "Save" button which is located below the fields which comprise the page. There is also another button labeled "Save" at the top of the page. You can also click this to save your Website Settings.

What are Skins?

Skins are a way of changing the look and feel of your website. If you look at the image below, you will see that the two web pages look completely different. Both websites use WebManager:


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