Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour and get an insiders view of The Salvation Army Children's Shelter in Kansas City. The Shelter is the largest emergency children’s shelter in the Kansas City area serving near 180 children each year.

The Main Room

Amanda Buehler, Former Director of The Children's Shelter, answers common questions about The Shelter including:

  • What makes The Children Shelter unique in Kansas City
  • Reasons children are brought to the Shelter
  • Why it is so important for siblings to stay together
  • What an average day at the Shelter is like
(3 minutes 29 second video)

The Art Room

The Art Room is used to give kids a chance to express themselves and their feelings. The first evaluation for many of the child begin here. See some of the art work and healing that occurs in this room. Gentry Cobb, Clinical Supervisor of The Children's Shelter, explains :

  • How art is used to identify a child's history and needs
  • What a child's art work can means
  • How play therapy is used to build trust and develop skills to overcome the adversities they face
(1 minute 36 second video)