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What is a Salvation Army meeting like?
Salvationists, and everyone who wishes to join with us either on an occasional or regular basis, meet to worship God, to discover how to live as Christians and to enjoy each other’s company.

Many people attending an Army meeting for the first time find the informal style of worship refreshing and relaxing.

On going into a Salvation Army hall you will discover there is a cheerful bustle before the meeting as people greet and chat to each other. If a corps has a band and songster brigade (the choir) they might play or sing before the meeting begins. Other types of musical instruments used may include piano, organ, guitars, woodwind and percussion.

Salvation Army meetings don’t have a set order of service. They usually include plenty of hymn singing, and there may be group or individual music items. Occasionally a dance or drama group may be used to help with the worship. Verses from the Bible are read in every meeting.

While an officer usually leads the meeting and gives the ‘address’ (sermon), other people can do both or may be invited to take part by praying, reading out verses of hymns or from the Bible, or by talking about their Christian experience.

All these factors help to give Salvation Army meetings their own special character.

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