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Social Services

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Today's modern Salvation Army holds to its founding principle that loving God means loving your neighbor in very practical ways. It's faith put into action, Christianity with its sleeves rolled up. Social services simply means making life better for others: those who lack the necessities for survival, those who find themselves in the throes of crisis, those who are trapped in destructive lifestyles or circumstances, those who long for meaning to their lives.  TSA Crest

Serving those in Need

Help is given freely each year to hundreds of thousands of people without regard to race, gender, culture or religion. For The Salvation Army believes that only in meeting the basic needs of people will they be able to live on a higher plain, reach their full potential, contribute effectively to society and cultivate their souls.

Social Services

Through The Salvation Army people's homes are heated in the bleak of winter, and they find refuge from summer's disparate heat at cooling centers. Those making the transition from welfare to work receive professional clothing to help them succeed, while underprivileged children awake to new toys on Christmas morning. In the wake of disasters like floods or tornadoes, The Salvation Army is on the scene extending hope and literally helping people rebuild their lives.

Heart to God, Hand to Man

In giving this service, The Salvation Army believes that preserving the individual's dignity is crucial and that for people to really prosper assistance must go beyond meeting the immediate, tangible need and address the larger issues. This often involves a continuum of care geared toward long-term solutions. It involves ministering to the whole person for each of us is woven of a seamless fabric of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

In community, too, there is an inherent connectedness. One person's life touches another. Like a pond, each individual's actions and circumstances ripple outward, affecting families and communities, influencing the future. We have a responsibility to each other; we have a responsibility to future generations. That's why The Salvation Army is there, 365 days a year, changing one life at a time. 

Noon Meal Program

Free nutritious meals are provided, seven days a week. There are no qualifications. Lunch is served Mon.- Sat. from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM and Sunday from Noon - 1 PM.

Emergency Food Pantry/Welfare Assistance

The Pantry is open Monday-Friday 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM.
Monthly food staples including meat and milk are provided. Limited financial assistance may be available for non-food needs. Qualification for this program is based on income and family size. Our guests can visit the pantry once every 30 days and must show their pantry card along with a picture ID.  Anyone who needs a pantry card or in need of other assistance (with transportation, or referrals for clothing, furnishings) may come in as a walk-in between 8 AM - 10:30 AM Monday - Friday and are on a first-come, first served basis. Help with Financial Assistance (rent, utility, etc.) is by appointment only.

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Public Notice - Cousumer Notice - see attachment below regarding the Wisconsin Service Point information management system.

Resource Center / First Time Assistance

This intake/assessment and referral program coordinates services to at-risk families and individuals. Nine of ten guests clients served, make less than 30% of the County Median Income (CMI). The program goal is to assist clients in locating and accessing communtiy resources. 
Types of assistance available may include: Housing, Food, Utilities, Transportation, Clothing, Furnishings.

What to Bring for Receiving Assistance

Proof of Residence (lease, rent receipt).
State issued Picture ID.
Social Security Cards for all family members.
Proof of Income.




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