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Leadership and Staff

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The Corps Officers are in charge of all The Salvation Army operations in the Fox Cities.  Together they oversee the ministries including the Sunday and Midweek Worship Services, Project Home, Family Programs and Social Services. 


 Major Edward F. Jarvis

For General Information and Appointments:

 Call (920) 734-3324 or you may direct dial from the listings below.

Our Receptionist is at: 955-1221

To Contact our Corps Officers: 

Major Edward F. Jarvis and Major Marge Jarvis

(920) 955-1226 or at (920) 886-3612 ext. 26

Department Administrative Assistant - 955-1224

For Social Services:
Social Services Director - 955-1222
Food Pantry/Welfare Assistance - 955-1232
Meal Program Coordinator - 955-1233

For all Housing Concerns:
Emergency Shelter
Project Home
Scattered Site Housing
Contact: Resource Center Coordinator

For Corps Programs:

Corps Ministry Assistant (loacted at the Menasha site) call (920) 886-3612 ext. 32

Director of Youth Ministries (located at the Menasha site) call (920) 886-3612 ext. 23

Chaplain - 920-213-0246 or 920-955-1229

Womens Ministries - (920) 886-3612 ext 26

For Volunteering:
Volunteer Coordinator - (920) 955-1230

For Donors, Public and Media Relations 

Director of Financial Development & Communications  - 955-1235

For Business, Contributions, Operations and Finances:

Finance Director - 955-1227

Maintenance Coordinator - 955-1241

Children's Learning Center - 886-3648 ext 21 or ext 29

FAX: 727-0896




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