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Outdoor Education

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Army Lake Camp has developed a variety of programs in various fields of outdoor education.  Whether your goal is plant and animal study, wilderness and camping skills, teambuilding and personal challenge, or just an awareness of the natural environment, Army Lake Camp has something for you. 

 Choose a program from the list or we can create a custom program for your group.  Students of all ages will enjoy our seasonal nature hikes as we look for signs of animal activity and interesting natural finds.  Students learn how plants and animals co-exist and which ones make southeast Wisconsin their home.

 Army Lake Camp is home to deer, coyote, fox, raccoon, opossum, skunk, muskrat, mice, owl, hawk, turkey vulture, sandhill crane,   great blue heron, woodpecker, and a host of other animals and includes forest, marsh, fields and an 80 acre lake.

 Teachers: Ask about our activity sheets to continue the learning  back in the classroom.




Fall Forage Fest

This is an exciting time of year for plants and animals.  During this exploration we値l discuss what different plants and animals are doing to prepare for winter.  We often see dozens of different fungi through out the woods during this cool, damp time of the year. 




Where are the Animals

We値l discuss animal migration, hibernation, camouflage and human avoidance as well as look and listen for signs of animal activity.



Wild Life Wonders

Spring brings new life, new growth, and the emergence or return of many plants and animals.  We値l explore what痴 happening in the natural environment and look for signs of new activity in the wild.



Sun & Shade Stroll

We値l look at the wildflowers, insects and other wildlife that abound during this warm, bright time of year.  We値l also head into the shady forest and discuss what is happening in the lives of plants and animals, the food web, and the importance each organism plays in our environment.


All hikes can include a hands on 都how and tell time looking at the camp痴 animal artifacts.


Meals, snacks, or drinks can be provided by our food service to meet the needs of your group.



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