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Challenge Ministries

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Low Ropes

Our low ropes “teambuilding” course is designed to help your group learn to communicate, problem solve, encourage one another, trust each other and work together to succeed in overcoming challenges.  Your group will leave with the tools and experience to function as a team and work together in whatever future endeavors they may tackle.  Specific attention is given to tailor the course to meet your particular group goals.  Emphasis can be placed on Spiritual Growth as well as Positive Group Dynamics.


High Ropes

Our high ropes course will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and take real personal challenges in an environment where risk is controlled and safety is a priority.  You may participate individually or with a partner as you stretch yourself physically, succeed in overcoming fears, learn to trust and help others, and develop a sense of achievement that you can take with you through any challenge life may bring.


Climbing Tower

Challenge yourself on our climbing tower.  You will feel empowered as you climb 10 feet up the beginner’s route, or 40 feet up and over the nose to the top.  This is your chance to show yourself what you are made of.  Learn to trust and be trustworthy as you become part of the belay team.  After you enjoy the view from the top you may choose to rappel down the back side of the tower back to the ground.


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