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Advisory Board & Corps Council

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The Salvation Army Advisory Board and Corps Council

The Salvation Army is assisted by both the Advisory Board and the Corps Council. The Advisory Board is made up of community members who provide leadership and advise on business and programmatic subjects...

Barry Winterland - Chair
Jerry Troxel- Vice Chair
Byron Blotcky - Treasurer
Sondra O'Connor- Secretary
Patrick Dunagan
Steve Fast
Richard Hany
Matt Jontry
Judge David Butler
Rahul Bafna
Don Armstrong
Jim Riker
Pat Dunagan
Susan Hennis
Kevin O'Dell
Eric Penn
Liz Schwarz
Dorothy Claus - Member Emeritus

Lifetime Members
John Freese
John Maitland

The Corps Council is an advisory body designed to promote the spiritual life, manage the affairs of the congregation and conduct Corps business.  The council is composed of the Corps Officers, Corps Sergeant Major, Young Person Sergeant Major, Corps Treasurer and selected laypersons.

Captain Paul - Corps Officers
Chris McCombs - Corps Sereant Major
David Starkey - Corps Treasurer
Tom Moser - Young Persons Sergeant Major
Doris Boyd
Delores Boyd
Steve Chaffin
Tammy Brooks
Tami Probus
Ray Standaert
Eva Starkey
Samantha Scott
Joyce Glasscock


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