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Veterans Affairs Medical Centers

In areas where there are Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, The Salvation Army provides volunteer services.

The Salvation Army, through participation in plans and programs, is a member of the team with other agencies and must operate within the framework of the Veterans Affairs Voluntary Services (VAVS) and not as a separate entity.

Guidelines for service may be found in the Community Care Ministries manual.

A separate orientation course is required through the local VAVS.

Embracing those that give us our sense of community.

Many know of the work of The Salvation Army during war time. Many Veterans tell stories of how they were served by The Salvation Army. Most notably the Doughnut Girls from World War I.

However through Community Care Ministries, The Salvation Army's service did not stop once the war was over.

The Salvation Army, a member of the Veterans Affairs Voluntary Services, continues to provide various needs to Veterans and their families.






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