Community Care Ministries is a unit of The Salvation Army, formed for the express purpose of providing a spiritual and social ministry to those in a community.

It seeks to provide comfort, cheer, and when possible, material assistance to those in need.
This ministry also provides the hope of Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

To Raise Awareness and Vision for ministry by presenting opportunities
for service that demonstrates the Love of Christ.

Community Care Ministries is designed to motivate, mobilize and train
soldiers, adherents and other volunteers to
effectively carry out Christ's commission to care for those in need.

Community Care demonstrates expanded and diverse ministries
that are a response to the changing needs in our communities.

 Our Objectives

The ministry provides regular and seasonal visitation to hospitals,
nursing homes, institutions, and private homes in the community.

The ministry may include special activities or special services
to meet specific needs.

Community Care Ministries members should be prepared to share
their hope and faith in God who cares for all.

 The ministry is provided through individuals and organized groups.



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