Membership: Called to serve

Those eligible for membership include men and women, Salvationist and non-Salvationist volunteers who are at least 14 years of age.

(Young people 6-14, may become Junior Community Care Ministries members.)

Members should have a commitment to minister to those in need.

Those involved should have a willingness to serve in whatever capacity needed.

Those who desire to become a Community Care Ministries member are encouraged to take the orientation course so that they can adequately represent God and The Salvation Army in their ministry.



William Booth

Heroes Needed!

We need heroes who are willing to face the challenge - despite the enormity - and help those in need!

Are you willing to be a HERO to someone in need by being involved with Community Care Ministries?

The Salvation Army Community Care Ministry worker should possess a genuine Christian experience, a sincere personal faith, which is the basic motivating force for Christian outreach.

The non-Salvationist volunteer must exhibit a love and compassion for people.

Volunteers should have a pleasant nature, happy demeanor, and willingness to be used.

Are You willing to get connected in your community?

Contact your local Salvation Army for directions on becoming a connected team member.

Help plan innovative ways to show your community that you care.

Become part of the solution; our communities need caring people.





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