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The most recent change on the School for Officers' Training campus is an exciting one for this writer because it occurred during the research and writing of this paper. On September 11, 1980, the cornerstone was laid for the newest building on campus, known be the cadets as the "marrieds Apartments." The Territorial Commander, Commissioner Richard E. Holz conducted the cornerstone laying. Colonel Andrew S. Miller, Chief Secretary, presided over the meeting.

On Monday, March 30, 1981 the Territorial Commander came to preside over the dedication of the building, while his brother, Commissioner Ernest W. Holz, the National Commander, formally dedicated the building. After the formal dedication, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held. Those participation in this ceremony were: Mrs. Commissioner Ernest W. Holz, Mrs. Commissioner Richard E. Holz, and assisted by Mrs. Major Donald Arnold, and Mrs. Cadet Robert Buttrey.

The new building is four stories high, and contains a child care area in the basement, and four floors of apartments for staff officers on the south half of the building, and for married cadets and their families on the north half. The building, according to the blueprint enclosed in the dedication program, has the potential of housing up to 54 families.
Progress has not stopped with this new building, however, as plans for a new Chapel and class room building was opened ; the old buildings came tumbling down, sending great clouds of dust everywhere.  At the time of this writing, the only building remaining from the old apartments was called "Cadman."  (This building housed the boiler room for the mansion and some servants quarters.)  For many, it was hard to watch the building be torn down, as so many fond memories occurred in those places.  However, the realization of a new place of worship and better classrooms is very exciting.
History will never stand still.  As time goes on, there will be more changes on campus, and more changes in the educational philosophy.  But, this is part of the beauty of history.

Unfortunately, much of the history of the School for Officers' Training has been lost through the years because it was not recorded. In collecting research materials, and in speaking with various officers about their days at the School, many bits of personal nostalgia were presented to this writer.  Unfortunately, humorous stories and many bits of nostalgia are valuable only to those experiencing them first hand.  The attempt of this paper has been to record the major events of the history of the School for Officers' Training in order that they may be preserved for the reflection and use of future generations.



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