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CFOT Staff

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Major Cherri Hobbins - Principal

Major Kelly Collins- Assistant Principal


Major Lucille Gates - Director of Business

Major Scott Salsbury - Assistant Director of Business

Brian Allan - Information Technology Director

Kelvin Judge - Property Director

Campus Services

Major Lori Meyer -  Campus Services Director / Moral & Ethical Issues Secretary

Major Nancy Moffitt- Nutrition Officer

Major Judy Mills - Assistant Campus Services Director 


Major Beth Petrie - Director of Curriculum

Captain Jonathan Fitzgerald - Assistant Director of Curriculum

Major Sandy Hunt- Distance Learning Coordinator / ESL Coordinator

Joe Caddy - Fine Arts Ministry Director

Major Byong-Kyu Lee - Instructor/Academic Specialist

Field Training

Major David Moffitt - Director of Field Training

Major Keith Petrie - Field Training Officer


Major Timothy P. Meyer - Director of Personnel

Major Janice Love- Assistant Director of Personnel

Major Karen Salsbury - Spiritual Life Director

Captain Heather Montenegro- Health Officer

Major Mike Mills - Personnel Officer

Captain Xavier Montenegro - Multi-Cultural Ministries Director

Major Jesse Collins - Campus Chaplain

Family Care Center

Captain Catherine Fitzgerald - Family Care Center Director 

Sheila Kelly - Assistant Family Care Director





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