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                                                    Major Cedarvall


    Major Kevin Cedervall

College attended - Malone College in Canton, Ohio

1993 - Worked at The Salvation Army - Petoskey, Michigan

          Kevin-Corps Growth worker and Administrative Assistant

          1994-1996 - College for Officer's Training

1996-1997 - Assistant at Quincy, Illinois Corps

1997-2001 - Corps Officer at Coffeyville, Kansas Corps

2001-2002 - Associate Corps Officer at Kalamazoo, Michigan Corps

2002-2004 - Corps Officer at Lansing, Michigan Corps

2004 -2011 - Corps Officer at Minneapolis Temple Corps

July 2011 - appointed to Jefferson City MO as Corps Officers


Major Cedervall has assorted training dealing with Children of all ages, including special training dealing with kids with developmental disorders and other behavioral issues.  

He has been a Corps Officer in a variety of different positions and towns. He has experience in working with After-School Programs, Summer Day Camps, Shelters, and Feeding Programs as well as a wide variety of corps work. 




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