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The Salvation Army Harbor Light System


Monroe Harbor Light

Residential Center Offices

3580 S. Custer

Monroe, MI. 48161

(734) 242-5050

TTY: (734) 242-8012

Fax: (734) 242-5085


Outpatient offices

25 S. Monroe

Monroe, MI. 48161

(734) 457-4340

TTY: (734) 457-0661

Fax: (734) 457-3842


Programs and Services


Detoxification Unit - Individuals requiring detoxification from alcohol and/or other substance addictions are admitted to a sub-acute 3 to 5 day detox unit, where complete physicals are performed.  At the completion of the detox process, all clients are referred to appropriate rehabilitation programs.


Residential Programs - Residential substance abuse care is provided to both men and women of all walks of life.  The program is up to 90 days, and includes: assessment, a physical examination, and counseling.  Counseling stresses education, relapse prevention, and behavior changes needed for successful recovery.


Intensive Outpatient Program - The program is designed for clients in need of an intensive structured treatment program, but have appropriate housing and can maintain periods of abstinence.  This program stresses relapse prevention techniques, and the skills needed to function daily.  The program is four hours each day, four days a week, for five weeks.


Outpatient Treatment Program - The program is offered as follow up to more intensive levels of treatment or to clients who are assessed as able to maintain abstinence in a less restrictive environment and with a support system.  Clients are seen on an average of one time per week for individual sessions with therapist, as well as possibly attending group therapy.  Length of treatment is usually 90 days.


Deaf and Hard of Hearing Treatment Program - This is the only day treatment program in the state that serves the needs of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and have a substance abuse problem.  It is a minimum of 49 days and offers a domiciliary component for housing.  Certified and accredited interpreters are available.


Consumer Driven managed Care - Treatment services have been developed on a consumer driven case management approach.  Since the Harbor Light System provides services on a regional basis, several options are available to best address an individual's needs.


Accreditation - The Salvation Army Harbor Light System is accredited by the Commission accreditation for Rehabilitative Facilities.


Licensing - All Salvation Army Harbor Light substance abuse services are licensed by the Center for Substance Abuse Services of the Michigan Department of Public Health.







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