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Frequently Asked Questions

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How old do I have to be to volunteer?
For safety reasons and government requirements, some positions require volunteers to be a minimum age, but other jobs can be done by youth or families that include young children.

How do I apply to be a volunteer?
In most cases, a short application form is to be completed before a volunteer can begin serving. One time volunteers are not required to complete the paper form, but they do need to sign in at their volunteer site. In some cases for one time volunteer opportunities, we will ask you to register online in our volunteer database by completing a volunteer profile. A completed paper or online form includes information important to The Salvation Army such as how to be in touch with you, who to notify in case of an emergency, what type of volunteer work are you most interested in doing and when are you available. The full volunteer application also includes information to perform a background investigation, which is required for some volunteers. Background investigations, along with supervision, orientation and training, are all part of the ongoing effort of The Salvation Army to assure a safe environment for all. A completed application can be returned to the Salvation Army site where you receive it.

What is online registration for volunteer activities?
As The Salvation Army incorporates new technologies, some of our one time volunteer opportunities are available for online registration.  We currently have two different databases, one is strictly for bell ringing and the other is for all other volunteer opportunities.  If you have signed up for a shift in one database, you would need to create a second account for the other database.  When you are using one of these databases, you are not fully scheduled for an opportunity until you receive a confirmation email with specific details of your volunteer task.  Please contact Jennifer Bailey if you have any questions about online registration.

Could I be in a potentially dangerous location or situation?
Safety for all - volunteers, staff, and clients - is important to The Salvation Army, and precautions are taken to insure that it is provided. Salvation Army officers and staff undergo extensive training in creating a safe environment and supervising volunteers. Facilities have been designed with safety in mind. Potentially hazardous situations or environments are made known as part of position descriptions whenever possible.

Can groups volunteer for The Salvation Army?
Groups are welcome to volunteer for many opportunities, but the number that can participate at one time is limited by the setting and work that needs to be done. Some of our special events, such as Toy Shop, have openings for larger groups.

How many volunteers does The Salvation Army have in the Chippewa Valley?
Over 1,800 volunteers perform some sort of volunteer service through The Salvation Army in the Chippewa Valley. Such activities as bell ringing at a kettle site during Christmas season, serving bags of food to over 400 families each month, mentoring children and teens, helping to sort, price, and sell items at our Thrift Store... the list goes on and on of ways volunteers serve.

What role do volunteers play at The Salvation Army?
Volunteers are considered an important part of The Salvation Army. Many programs depend heavily upon donated time; in fact some services provided to those in need would not be possible without the hours contributed by devoted volunteers.  In 2010, volunteers contributed nearly 10,000 hours in the Chippewa Valley.

Why should I consider being a Salvation Army volunteer?
There is a long list of reasons why someone might generally consider being a volunteer, and they all apply to giving of your time at The Salvation Army. Benefiting the community or those in need, meeting personal goals such as making new friends or staying active, learning new skills...they all apply. The Salvation Army is an especially good place to volunteer because:
-Our mission is Christian/faith based
-We have a long history of working with volunteers
-We keep track of volunteer hours
-You are valued here
-There are many jobs that need to be done - many during the holiday season, but many others all year round.


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