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If you need immediate assistance, call Great Rivers 2-1-1 by dialing: 2-1-1.  They will connect you to the nearest Salvation Army location.  Click here for more information about Great Rivers 2-1-1.


Si usted necesita inmediata asistencia, por favor llame a Great Rivers marcando 211. (Spanish)

Yog koj xav tou kev pab tamsi rau Great Rivers 2-1-1. (Hmong)

The Salvation Army is proud to help millions of people from all backgrounds. Over the years, our organization has expanded to allow for multiple services and programs benefiting those with basic needs and those who require unique assistance. Select from social services or spiritual ministry to view the ways in which we serve our community and transform lives.

The Salvation Army National Headquarters established the Salvation Army World Service Office (SAWSO) in 1977 to strengthen The Salvation Army's efforts to work hand-in-hand with communities to improve the health, economic, and spiritual conditions of the poor throughout the world. Since its inception, SAWSO has leveraged more than $118 million for global development projects, enabling it to work alongside indigenous leaders to provide technical assistance in focused sectors.

SAWSO specializes in the areas of community health, HIV/AIDS, food security, water and sanitation, microfinance, international anti-human trafficking, and disaster relief and restoration. With a small staff of 15 employees and three officers, SAWSO leverages its impact through The Salvation Army's worldwide network of local non-governmental organizations comprised of 1.8 million employees and volunteers in 115 countries.


The Salvation Army is committed to serving those in need throughout Western Wisconsin.

General Community Assistance is given as funding allows.  General community assistance involves all help which does not fit into specific assistance categories including:  clothing vouchers, limited transportation, houseware needs, furniture, toiletry items, laundry, infant care items, and more. Our goal is to meet the diverse needs of the community.

Food Pantry provides food assistance for households in Eau Claire and Chippewa County based off of school borders. Approximately 80% of the households we serve are at or below the federal poverty level. We also provide food for transients who are traveling through Eau Claire. Bakery items are available daily for anyone in need.

Housing Services and Energy Assistance can be used to pay a portion of a person's current energy bill, help with fuel oil or LP gas or help pay for a month's rent or mortgage for those at risk of eviction. Funds can also pay for emergency housing in a motel.

Disaster Services provide support when disasters affect our area. We also provide services regionally in the case of a major disaster such as a tornado or flood. Regular trainings are done regionally to prepare and equip people interested in volunteering for disaster service.

The Thrift Store is located in Chippewa Falls. The purpose of the store is to provide quality items at affordable prices and to generate funds for the services and programs at The Salvation Army. Volunteer opportunities are available! Donations are gladly accepted.

Summer Feeding Programs provide free lunches to children ages 0-18. These meals are available to children in the Chippewa Valley regardless of income. We are currently working with the Altoona Rails program with our distribution on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Pederson Elementary School.

Summer Camp opportunities are provided for all ages including Sports Camp, Kids Camp, Teen Camp, Family Camp, High Adventure Camp, Music Camp, Women's Camp, Older Adult Camp and more. The Salvation Army Camp is regionally located in East Troy. There is a small fee associated with the camps.

Christmas Programs offer a variety of services in the holiday season commencing with Thanksgiving and ending with Christmas. Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets as well as Christmas toy distributions are given out to households in need. Local nursing homes are visited delivering warm greetings and small gifts to every resident.

Outreach Service programs include the Volunteer Department and "follow up care" for clients and participants in The Salvation Army programs. This area is responsible for recruitment, orientation, support, and recognition of volunteers involved in The Salvation Army programs and services. The goal of our Outreach Services is to build relationships with clients and program participants, to identify unmet needs and to get an idea of the effectiveness of our services to provide quality experiences.

Other Organization Operations include anything else that does not fit into specific areas of program services. Included in this area are the following services: special visits to care centers, correctional services, building use by outside groups, Advisory Board and Council activities, employee services, special events and programs (annual meeting, community dinners, family nights), participation in community groups by staff and officers, special printing projects (newsletter, pamphlets, etc.) and other incidental services, programs, and events.


We Especially Thank You!

Because of your faith in our work - your support of our mission - we have touched the lives of millions of people in need not only here in our community but across the country and around the world. Thank you for partnering with us in caring for others.

God Bless You!


If you are interested in additional information about any of our services, please contact us!


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