The Salvation Army in Ghana

The work of The Salvation Army began in Ghana in 1922 when Lt. King Hudson was appointed to his hometown of Duakwa and Ensign and Mrs. Charles Roberts were appointed to Accra, the country's capital where The Salvation Army is still headquartered.

The gospel in Ghana is preached in 11 languages; in the four most dominant languages, "The Salvation Army" in Ga is Yiwalaheremo Asrafoei Le; in Fanti and Twi it's Nkwagye Dom Asraafo, and in Ewe it's Agbexoxo Srafa Ha La.

The territory has more than 190 active officers, 16,800 soldiers and 3,000 junior soldiers attending 105 corps and 145 outposts. It runs 187 schools with more than 26,850 students, nine medical clinics (five of which won awards for healthcare), eight social centers, and 66 daycare centers. The Salvation Army in Ghana employs more than 1,400 people.

Thanks to funds raised by Swedish students, extensions were built onto three school buildings last year. Tribal chiefs in one district were so pleased, they honored the Army with a gift of a tribal stool and a sheep!

Source: The Salvation Army Yearbook


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