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   The Salvation Army is dedicated to providing the best possible emergency service to people who find themselves in desperate situations. We offer a wide variety of services to help disaster victims during difficult times. The following is a list of the basic emegency services that we provide:

  •  FOOD   Mobile canteens are located in strategic spots to provide food service to disaster victims and workers. These canteens serve meals as well as coffee and sandwiches.  The Salvation Army also provides mass feeding in shelters to families and emergency workers involved in disasters.
  • CLOTHING   Clothing, blankets, and other necessities are made available to disaster victims at the nearest Salvation Army Center.
  • SHELTER   The Salvation Army facilities near the scene may be made available and put into service for shelter.
  • COUNSELING   The Salvation Army personnel are trained in counseling to provide comfort and guidance during an emotional upheaval caused by sudden calamities. Families of persons involved in these disasters are notified and given assurance that their relatives are receiving help and care.
  • COMMUNICATIONS   Mobile Communication is provided between The Salvation Army vehicles and canteens for immediate quality service to disaster areas.  Cooperation by Ham Radio Operations provide more efficient communication to victims' families.


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