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If you are ready to change your life - and the lives of the people who love you - call our Intake Coordinator now:


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Intake is the initial evaluation and assessment period for all Harbor Light treatment programs. Our team of clinical social workers, a psychiatrist, and addiction counselors conducts a comprehensive history of each client.


Every client is assessed before being accepted into a program, including a background check, a physical, and a psychological and emotional history as well as a drug history.  A client is then placed in the most suitable treatment program, based on the results of the assessment.


Any male or female age 18 or older can be assessed; however, due to the age and physical limitations of our facility, only men are eligible for inpatient treatment services at Chicago Harbor Light at this time.


What are the qualifications for entering Intake?

  • 2 days of sobriety
  • Photo I.D.
  • 18 years of age or older
  • An official list of medications from your healthcare provider sent via Fax

Call our Intake Coordinator Now if you are ready to take that first step:



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