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Social Service hours as follows: 9-12 and 1-3 Monday thru Friday clients in need of food and financial assistance are seen by appointment only with the exception of Friday afternoons where we have food pantry walk in service from 1-3  as time allows.   To schedule an appointment please contact:      Casandra Willoughby, Case Worker         (517) 437-4240 ext 102

"Heart to God Hand to People "

Where there is a need, there is The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army Social Services provides social service and support to people in crisis and need by means of residential and non-residential services and programmes. As a distinctly Christian social service, it offers care to the total person, spirit, mind and body.

Aims:  To assist in meeting the immediate presenting need of the individuals who come to it for help.

  • To assist those who come under our care or influence to achieve their full potential as an individual, within their families and within the community at large.
  • To set up programmes which offer the users help in resolving problems, restoring a belief in their own personal worth and value, improving their social and personal relationships and gaining appropriate skills and disciplines.
  • To provide a service which seeks to empower people as much as possible and so lessen their dependence on others.
  • To establish a service which is professional in its approach, cost effective in its administration, relevant to the presenting needs of the community and respected by both the users and supporters.
  • To continually review and monitor its programmes, its management structures and its performance as a provider of Social Service in the light of the current needs within Hillsdale County.
  • To respond, as appropriate, to Government policy and academic research and when invited to assist in the planning and developing of services to needs highlighted.
  • To act as advocates for those who seek our help.
  • To be pioneers in identifying areas of social need and the setting up of new services to meet those needs.
  • To promote the corporate image of The Salvation Army as a Christian organization which is both a church and a Social Service.
  • To seek to help all those who use its services to become physically, mentally and spiritually whole.


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