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The Salvation Army was one of several nominees for the 2015 Hillsdale County Non-Profit Organization of the year. At the meeting of the Chamber of Commerce on 03/30/2016 it was announced that we were the winner! What a surprise, we had some pretty strong competition that we were up against, Lifeways Community Health, Hillsdale County Senior Services Center and Hillsdale Rotary.

Thank you to all who voted, we are certainly humbled to have the community bestow this honor upon us!

HCCC Non-Profit Organization of the Year - Excellence Award
Awarded to a non-profit HCCC member in recognition for their outstanding support of Hillsdale County people and our communities though its community involvement. This award is intended to honor an outstanding organization that has made a significant contribution to our local community. It is designed to recognize the best, most innovative, highly creative and most effective organization in accomplishing their goals.


HCCC Basic Criteria for Our Award Program
All business award nominees should meet the following requirements:

*Must be a Chamber member in good standing

*Must be a viable, ongoing business which has maintained stability over its business life

*Must have an excellent reputation in the community









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