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Icons of The Salvation Army

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Why does The Salvation Army have a flag? Does it have a special meaning?

In the early days of The Salvation Army over a century ago, it seemed logical that if the Movement was called an army then it should have a flag.

The flag was designed to symbolize the essential belifs of the Movement, and today the design is largely unchanged no matter in which parts of the world the Army operates.

The flag consists of a blue border surrounding a red background, in the center of which is a yellow star.  The Army's motto 'Blood and Fire' is also inscribed on the flag, as is usually the name of the local center each flag belongs to.

The blue represents holiness - the holiness of God and the the holy lives Christians are called to live.  The red is a reminder to Salvationists of Jesus' blood shed when he was crucified, making it possible for us to live lives free from sin because he died.  The yellow star symbolizes the power of God's Holy Spirit.  The motto reinforces this symbolism.  Salvationists do not regard the flag as sacred but is thought of with respect because it represents important spiritual truths.

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