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How do I join a Salvation Army corps?
You can do this by attending the Salvation Army community church or corps in your locality. You will be welcomed at first as a member of its worshiping community (congregation). If you feel called to fuller service and commitment, you can ask the corps officer (pastor) there how you can become an adherent or soldier.

Becoming a Salvation Army soldier (Salvationist) is not complicated, but you have to make some promises, and affirm that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour. There is a document (PDF) on this web site that will give you a good idea of what Salvationists believe and how it affects their lives. It's called 'Salvation Story' (right click and "Save Target As" to download to your hard drive).

We pray that you will find your Christian service fulfilling and that it will be a blessing to others, whether it is in the ranks of The Salvation Army or as a member of another church. May God richly bless you.

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