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Icons of The Salvation Army

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What is the meaning of The Salvation Army's crest badge?

The Salvation Army crest was designed in 1878 when The Christian Mission changed its name to The Salvation Army and began adopting a military style with uniforms and military terms.  The crest can also be found inside Salvation Army periodicals and books and on the walls of Salvation Army chapels.

This symbol has particular relevance for Salvationists because it reminds them of the important features of their faith.  The 'S' in the center stands for salvation, while the cross represents the death of Jesus.  The swords remind Salvationists that they are fighting against sin.  The surrounding shape of the sun stands for the fire and light of the Holy Spirit.  The crown reminds Salvationists that Heaven is the reward of all those who love and serve God.  The motto 'Blood and Fire' again emphasizes important points of Salvation Army belief:  'Blood' because Christians are saved from sin by the death of Jesus, and 'fire' representing the power of the Holy Spirit which helps Christians live holy lives.

Salvationists worldwide use the crest, translating the words on it into their own language.

However, the more easily recognized logo of a red sheild with the words 'The Salvation Army' printed across it in white is also used for such things as exhibitions, collection boxes or door to door collection envelopes.

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