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Food On The Move

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Food on the Move Feeding Program

Food on the Move is a program that’s number one goal is to make sure the children of the community receive the food that they need when school is not in session.

During the summer months, our mobile feeding unit is on the move within Mattoon visiting about 6 different locations throughout the community during the week where need has been recognized.

Each day the canteen went out and served about 100 meals to children in Mattoon. At each location the children would eagerly be waiting to receive a sack lunch provided by the school district. For many of these children, it was the only meal that they were guaranteed for that day. The reality is that just because school is out and the children are at home for the summer, does not mean that the parents receive more food stamps to make up for meals that their children would normally receive at school. The children we met on the food route were excited to receive something as simple as a bologna sandwich or turkey wrap. They are ecstatic over strawberries, even apples; something very simple, but a basic need that many children go without.

Though this program is about feeding the children of the community, it really is more than just offering a lunch. We are able to get to know the kids throughout the summer. Be mentors, encouragers, and take an interest in their lives while meeting their physical need with a sack lunch.

There are many ways to be involved with this program. Between helping at one of the sites within Mattoon, or even putting together breakfast bags, we are always looking for volunteers who are ready and willing to show God’s love to the children of our community.

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