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estate planning

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Estate Planning


Have you made plans for the rest of the week? For the next month? For the next year? As we look further into the future, planning our lives naturally becomes more challenging. This is one reason many people put off making long-term provisions that could help assure greater financial security for themselves and their loved ones.


In the absence of a valid will and/or other basic provisions, state laws will automatically distribute your assets without regard to what your wishes may have been. We can share some simple guidelines for taking charge of the planning process for your benefit and for the well-being of your family and other loved ones.


Call George Marasco at 414-302-4300 ext. 221 for more information or Contact Us by using our online form.


Director of Planned Giving George Marasco
11315 Watertown Plank Road
Wauwatosa, WI 53226

414-302-4300 ext. 221



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