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Emergency Weather Centers

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When weather in the Ozarks becomes extreme, The Salvation Army opens its doors and offers shelter to those in need through its Extreme Weather Shelters.


During office hours, Monday through Friday, The Salvation Army’s front lobby is open to those needing to take shelter from the outdoors, whether it be cold, raining, a blizzard, or hot. This service is provided to community members every day of the year The Salvation Army is open. In addition to this, The Salvation Army operates an Emergency Cooling Center during times of extreme heat and an Emergency Overnight Warming Center during times of extreme cold. These services are offered out of The Salvation Army's main building located at 1707 West Chestnut Expressway.


The Salvation Army's Emergency Cooling Center operates when the National Weather Service issues a heat advisory. The Emergency Cooling Center typically operates during the majority of the day when temperatures are highest, and does not provide overnight shelter as temperatures are cooler during the overnight hours.


The Salvation Army’s Emergency Overnight Warming Center operates when the wind-chill reaches 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Community members seeking shelter from the cold can seek shelter in The Salvation Army’s front lobby during business hours, Monday through Friday. Cots are given out for overnight shelter at 7:00 p.m..


These services could not be provided if it were not for the many volunteers that make them possible. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Victoria Knight, at 862-5509 ext. 123 or








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