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Advisory Organizations

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Volunteers from the community are organized to strengthen The Salvation Army's ability to serve.  In Springfield, Missouri there are two Advisory Organization groups who help with The Salvation Army’s mission to serve the community members in need without discrimination. These groups are The Salvation Army’s Advisory Board and The Salvation Army’s Women’s Auxiliary.


The Advisory Board is charged with the responsibility of advising and assisting The Salvation Army in all its activities in a particular community.  The community may have a corps community center as the only Salvation Army facility, or it may have many corps community centers, a divisional headquarters, a rehabilitation center, or other centers of operation.  Where there is an association, a women's auxiliary or an advisory council in the community, the advisory board is considered the parent body, coordinating the activities of the other advisory organizations; and where representation on their rosters is required, the advisory board provides from its membership persons familiar with all Salvation Army activities in the community. The advisory board also renders valuable service in relations with financial appeals and other agencies in the community.


The Women's Auxiliary is organized to promote the purposes of a particular headquarters, institution or program of The Salvation Army.  Its activities may include special fund-raising through approved projects, furnishing volunteer workers, assistance in hospitals, operation of canteens, distribution of food and clothing, staffing of emergency shelters, leadership in group work, visitation of hospital patients, and many other activities.  A women's auxiliary may relate directly to the advisory board or to an advisory council depending upon its function.  In certain communities where there is more than one woman’s auxiliary, there may be a federation of women's auxiliaries to coordinate their work. 





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