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Grocery, Prescription, and Other Assistance

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Basic Information Needed (Requirements for all Case Management Services)

  • Picture ID (Passport, Drivers License, State ID)
  • Proof of Monroe County Residency
  • Proff of number of household residents (Birth Records, Health Records, School Records, Names on lease, etc...)
  • Proof of income for all members of household 18 and older
  • Information relevant to need (see below)
  • All assistance is based upon funding availability

Grocery Assistance

Medical Assistance

  • Prescription, Medical, Dental, or Optical
  • Prescriptions: Must have written prescription or name of pharmacy prescription is held
  • No Pain Killers
  • Other: Must have proof of appointment and statement from doctor that Salvation Army Voucher will be accepted.
  • Limit of $70 per year per person in home.


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