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Our Family Manor is a Christain based emergency shetler for families, single men with children, or single women who are in need of temporary housing for up to 11 familes and four single women.  Qualifying individuals or families are eligible for up to 90 days stay per calender year to begin to rebuild their lives.

Obtaining a Room

To obtain residency at the Family Manor, please follow the following process

  • Contact Family Manor by coming in or calling shelter to complete preliminary intake.
  • Qualifying individuals or families will be either placed in the shelter or added to our waiting list, depeding on availability.
  • Qualifying individuals or families added to waiting list must contact shelter once per week to remain active on list.
  • Crim

Taking up Residency

Once eligibilty of individual or family has been determined, and room available, potential residents must:

  • Agree to Criminal Background Check for eligibilty
  • Participate in In-depth Intake
  • Complete Client History and additional intake documents after admission.

Residency Requirements

Once admitted into the family shelter, residents are responsible:

  • To establish case with Department of Human Services
  • To begin searching for employment within 7 days of admission.
  • To begin searching for housing within 14 days of admission
  • To contribute to upkeep common living areas and other chores.
  • To establish a goal plan with shelter director in order to become self-sufficient. Goal plans may include goals related to housing, employment, childcare, counseling, money management, or other as determined my resident or shelther director.
  • To particapate in weekly meeting with shelter directo to report on goal plan and address any concerns. 
  • To follow the policy and procedures set forth for the shelter.


For more information, please contact Judy Hertzsch at (734) 241-0440


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