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Utility Assistance

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Basic Information Needed (Requirements for all Case Management Services)


  • Picture ID (Passport, Drivers License, State ID)
  • Proof of Monroe County Residency
  • Proff of number of household residents (Birth Records, Health Records, School Records, Names on lease, etc...)
  • Proof of income for all members of household 18 and older
  • Information relevant to need (see below)


Utility Assistance


  • Shutoff Notice or Turned off Notice
  • Proof of payment of a minimum of $50 in previous six months
  • Denial from Department of Human Services (See Michigan DHS Requirements)
  • Income level at 300% or below of Federal Poverty Level (see Below)
  • Eligible once per 12 month time period
  • Proof of completion of Home Heating Credit has been completed (if eligible, click here for information)


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