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Corps Council

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Corps Council of the Oshkosh Corps


The Corps Council is a group that meets to advise and assist the Corps Officers in the progress and well-being of the Corps. The council is comprised of eight members of The Salvation Army Church and the Corps Officers.

Similar to the Advisory Board, the Council meets the first Saturday of every month to discuss upcoming events and current issues at the Corps. The Council is asked to give advice and direction to the Corps Officers, but most of all to ensure that the Mission Statement is being reached and fulfilled on a daily basis.

The following is a list of our current members. Again, if interested in becoming a part of the Corps Council or The Salvation Army Church, please speak with a member of the Council or a Corps Officer.



Captains Donald and Vicky Karl

Heather Boggs

Lyndell Coles

Karen Curtis

Dan Ducheny

Bob Hennick

Tammy Mcbride



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