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Advisory Board

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advisory board

The mission of the Salvation Army Advisory Board is as follows:

The Salvation Army conducts a variety of religious and charitable activities in the community. It is the purpose of the board to assist The Salvation Army in the conduct of these activities by being familiar with all phases of its operations in the community, by formulating plans for the improvement of the facilities and program offered, and by making recommendations, through the representative, with respect to fund-raising, community relations, program and expenditures. It is the responsibility of the board to assist The Salvation Army in the coordination of its programs with other religious, health, education and welfare organizations and in its relations with any united appeals in the community.

Currently there are 18 members serving on our board. The board conducts its meetings every third Thursday of the month at noon. The meetings are held right at the Corps facility. If interested in learning more about the board and its duties, please feel free to contact Captain Donald Karl.



Board Chair: Reverend Kevin Mundell

Board Vice Chair: Jim Barthel

Secretary:  Cindy Lamson

Life Members:  Helen Lord Burr, Gordon Tellock


Dixie Allen, Ellen Anderson, Jim Dempsey, Ed Flanner, Brian Hammill, Bob Harris, Steve Lord, Mark Nielsen, Sally Peterson, Jay Puestohl, Tim Ryan, Rick VanderLoop, Karen Wedde, Pat Wilson


There are currently board openings. If you are interested in serving on the Salvation Army Oshkosh board, please contact Captain Don Karl or leave a message for the Board Chair at 920-232-7660.





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