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With Your Help We Are Able To Touch The Lives of Others!



You can donate online and give simply or customize your gift. Go there and learn more.

Food Drives:

Food drives are an excellent way to help contribute to the food pantry located in our facility. Many organizations, groups and individuals have help food drives for us in the past and have done an amazing job! On the average, we serve over 400 clients per month. This means that each client is receiving food goods from the pantry to last them up to three days. Also, the amount of foods they receive depends on the number of people living in the household. So if you or your organization is looking for a way to help fellow neighbors in need, please consider holding a food drive for us! Simply contact the food pantry coordinator for               further details.

 Planned Giving / Estates:

The Salvation Army has a number of resources available to those who are thinking of making a larger donation/gift to the Corps. Your contribution would aid in supporting the programs provided to the community, as well as the facility. If interested, more information regarding wills, gift annunities, and other gifts can be provided to you. Please inquire within.

In-kind Donations:

The Oshkosh Community has blessed our organization with many donations year round. In-kind donations are those given to the organization, whose sole purpose is to be given directly out to someone in need. Many in-kind donations are the breads and bakerys we receive from local bakers and grocers. Other donations are the food from food drives and individuals. Also, new toys and clothing during the holiday season are in-kind donations. If you are interested in making a donations, please bring it to the Corps. Again, we appreciate all of the support!!


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