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Housing Assistance

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Housing Assistance is offered to members of Sheboygan County.  Below are some details of the programs offered.


The Sheboygan Housing Assistance Center provides a single point of contact for clients to access services relating to housing issues.  The center strives to assist individuals and families secure and maintain adequate housing in a non-discriminatory manner.  This is accomplished through financial assistance, education, mediation, advocacy, referrals, and collaboration with other agencies and resources. 


The Sheboygan Housing Assistance Center seeks to provide a variety of services to individuals and families enabling them to meet their individual housing needs.  Clients can access services in a consumer-friendly environment and duplication of services among agencies is reduced.  This program realizes that any number of factors can affect one's ability to maintain housing; therefore, a comprehensive approach is utilized.   Assistance policies are as flexible as possible, based on need, budget, and funding source considerations.  Efforts are made to work collaboratively with other agencies to coordinate services for individuals and families. 

 Accessing Services

Walk in times are available for clients to meet with staff and discuss their situation.  Following this initial meeting, an appointment will be scheduled for further review or you may be referred to another agency that can better assist you.  Walk in times are:
     Tuesdays 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
     Fridays 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.
The first 6 people will be seen at each walk in session - more if the schedule allows.  Clients are seen on a first come, first served basis.  Housing counseling is offered to all clients.


Clients must meet the following requirements to receive rental assistance:

1. The ability to sustain income in future months.  (You must be able to verify that you will have enough income to meet your monthly expenses in the future.)
2. The landlord's acceptance of assistance.
3. The landlord's willingness to work out a repayment agreement.
4. Clients must be willing to explore availablility of assistance from other sources.
5. Clients must provide requested documentation and follow through with referrals made to other resources by the housing staff.
6.  Clients should have a 5 day eviction notice or be homeless.

Rental assistance is only available for one month in any 12 month period of time.  Assistance is based on the availability of funds that are received from a variety of funding sources.  Some of these sources have additional criteria or restrictions of their own.

Information is also available in the brochure below.


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