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Waukesha Salvation Army Wish List

Would you like to work with us to learn of specific needs that you, your company, your organization or your church could be responsible for donating?

Some prefer this important method of charitable giving rather than a direct monetary gift.

Change Happen


The Waukesha Salvation Army is extremely appreciative of all acts of kindness, generosity and support:

- New bedding: Fitted sheet and pillowcase sets, blankets, comforters, pillows

- Digital Camera

- Postage Stamps

- Change Counting Machine

- Four-wheeled cart

- Sponsorship for Salvation Army Logo: Printed T-Shirts For Volunteers

- Sponsorship for Salvation Army Logo: Various Printed Banners throughout any given year

- New Color Laser Printer

- Magnetic Clings For "Feed The Kids" Vehicle

. . . and more . . .  Thank you!


Giving to The Waukesha Salvation Army helps ensure that vital services are provided to people in the Waukesha County community.

Some are surprised to learn that the Waukesha Salvation Army was founded all the way back in 1894, only thirty years after the close of the Civil War.


Community Services

Your charitable gift helps ensure that homeless men have a warm place to sleep on a cold Wisconsin winter night, that hungry families have a hot meal, that hungry children of needy parents have a lunch over summer vacation.

Your charitable gifts means that an at-risk youth has a mentor or a reading buddy, that displaced workers have a free computer lab to update resumes and brush up on computer skills to find their next job. These are just a few of the Waukesha Salvation Army's many community ministries.

YOU make all of these important charitable works possible. The Waukesha Salvation Army's volunteers and staff could not continue without the wonderful support of the Waukesha community.



Learn about some of our major programs below. Find out how you and your family, your church, your organization, your company can contribute time, treasure and talent to the many people served by the Waukesha Salvation Army:

Community Meals

Family Services

Emergency Lodge

Feed The Kids Program

Waukesha County Backpack Coalition

Snack Pack Program

Youth Programming

For more information, call the Waukesha Salvation Army

at 262-547-7367.





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