Remember that your donation is tax deductible.

Non-perishable food items: Non-perishable food items to stock the food pantry shelves.  Your donations help us to provide meals to many families and individuals throughout our community.

Some items that often run low are: mac n' cheese, chili, boxed dinners, peanut butter, and canned meat

Personal Hygiene Items: There are many individuals in Marathon County that cannot afford simple things such as personal hygiene items.  Your donation of these items give them a boost in their self-confidence.  Some want nothing more than to feel clean and presentable.

Haircut Gift Cards: Sometimes a haricut is the difference between getting hired and not getting hired.  Your gift of a gift card for haircuts could be the answer to someone's prayer for getting a job.

Brass Instruments & Drum Set: The Salvation Army is looking to start some music education.  We are in need of instruments to use in this program.  If you have a brass instrument in working condition that you aren't using, we'd love to put it to good use.  

School Supplies: School supplies for high school students are collected throughout the summer and distributed to children in need of basic school supplies in August.  Your donation can help at-risk children start the school year off right.


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