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Empties4Cash Fundraiser

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The Salvation Army - Wausau Corps has launched a recycling and fundraising program with the help of an inkjet recycling company called Empties4Cash.  Here is what the Empties4Cash program is about:

  • The empty ink cartridges that we usually throw away as trash can be recycled and remanufactured.
  • Bring those empty cartridges to The Salvation Army Family Services Building (202 Callon St, Wausau) and drop them off.
  • The Salvation Army gets paid up to $4.00 for each empty inkjet cartridge that has a print head, regardless of the brand or type.
  • We need OEM inkjet cartridges that have print heads from all of the following brands of printers:  HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Compaq, Brother, Dell, Canon and Apple.  NO EPSON print cartridges can be accepted, since the Epson cartridges are just ink tanks without a print head.


  • Put the cartridge in the original box that you would have thrown away after it has been replaced to keep is safe from damages and spills, or a Ziploc bag.

Want to Save Money on Cartridges and Help Us Raise More Funds? sells replacement cartridges that can save consumers up to 80% over brand name cartridges.  Their 5% Rebate Program allows consumers to have 5% of their purchases donated to The Salvation Army - Wausau Corps.

Thank you in advance for helping us raise funds and keeping millions of pounds of cartridges out of our landfills.


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