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The Shelter Booth

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The Shelter Booth works along side The Angel Tree Booth at the Wausau Center Mall.  The Shelter Booth is set up to assist with keeping The Salvation Army's Homeless Shelter open and running.  The Shelter Booth consists of small tags which a sponsor takes.  The sponsor can choose as many nights as they would like, at $20.00 a night, to ensure that a homeless person has a place to stay and food to eat.  The sponsor can also have the donation put in someone elses name.  The $20.00 donation will give a homeless person one nights stay, a shower, laundry services, educational trainingt, three meals, and more.

The Transitional Living Center (TLC) is more than just temporary housing, The Salvation Army's TLC also provides basic living skills training, financial education classes and case management, and more.  Residents are required to take part in the process of moving toward self-sufficiency in order to prevent ending up in the same situations.   

If you need more information regarding The Salvation Army's Transitional Living Center or the shelter booth, please e-mail Brittany at or call (715) 845-4272.  


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