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The Salvation Army's WebManager is:

Easy to Setup
Easy to Manage

Eastern Territory USAAny given internet search for "The Salvation Army" brings up millions of results. A visitor from any location could be searching for information on how to make a donation, or facts about the early history, so it is important to remember that all Salvation Army sites are potentially reflective of the global work and mission of the organization. There is no way to control which visitors stumble upon your site, so having a standardized interface and navigation system helps ensure that our visitors are not confused or frustrated.

Many helpful features inside of Web Manager would take professional web development skills to replicate, such as:

  • Get Connected WebsiteA nation-wide Salvation Army service directory, searchable by nearby zipcode
  • A full site-wide search function
  • Visitor comments on pages of your choice
  • An automatic drop down menu navigation system
  • A standardized donations link
  • A fully integrated "contact us" form
  • Ability to assign specific pages to certain page editors, while keeping the other pages locked
  • Ability to edit the webpages from any web browser
  • RSS Feeds
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Print page option
  • And more!

Free & Secure
Greater PhiladelphiaAll of the files are hosted on the Salvation Army's servers. There is no need for complicated hosting configurations, billing options, reimbursements, etc. Regardless of staff or leadership changes, the server registration and configuration of your website will remain the same.

It is also possible to control or limit access to specific editors or administrators, regardless of whether or not they use the Salvation Army Lotus Notes e-mail system.

Easy to Setup
Setup of a new web manager site is as simple as alerting your Divisional IT department of your need for a website created. They will follow the steps, in contacting THQ, to get you started. This also enables your DHQ to remain "in the loop" as to the status or creation of sites within their Division. It is much easier to promote a website on Divisional or Territorial levels if people know it exists!

Easy to Manage
As it has been mentioned, using the Web Manager can be done with any web browser. Additionally, it requires very little computer or website experience. Text or images that are typed into the Page Content window (discussed later) generally appear exactly the same way on your webpage. Many of the functions available resemble those of the Microsoft Word application. With new features being added to Web Manager on an ongoing basis, in combination with time spent learning the available tools, it will become easier to add more complex elements to your pages as you progress!




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