Creating File Attachments

PDF and Microsoft Office files can be easily made available to visitors on your webpage. This is a helpful way to distribute volunteer applications, employment descriptions and social service forms.

When creating a new page, it must be saved before file attachments can be created.

Files are attached at the very bottom of the editor for the page on which the attachment should exist.

Once uploaded, it appears as the filename, and also includes the filesize:

It is important to note that most visitors will not readily download attached files unless the following are clear:

  • The filename of the document is simple and descriptive (i.e. SocialServiceApplication.doc or VolunteerApplication2008.pdf)
  • The information contained in the attached files is described on the page. People should be directed to download the files only after having been told what is contained in them.
  • Whether the visitor will need a special program to view the files (such as Adobe Reader, Microsoft Powerpoint, etc)
  • * Remember to leave out the spaces in your filename!




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