Re-Ordering Drop Down Menus

Page MenusFor "child" or "content" pages, it is possible to re-order the way in which they display in the drop-down menu. This is done by opening one of the content pages in the editor and dragging and dropping the preferred order in the "Order" option box. This option is located directly beneath the area that the Title, Keywords and Descriptions are entered. Re-order the pages as you see fit, and click Save.

Moving Pages

It is possible to move a "content" page so that it has a different "parent" page. Simply open the Move To new Parentpage you are hoping to move and click on the "move to new parent" button. From there you can select the page that you would like to move the page under and click Finish.

Note - this process experiences a glitch when done in Firefox, and is best accomplished in the Web Manager while using Internet Explorer.

Note - moving a page from one parent to another does not change its link in the address bar. Any links to that page will remain intact. 


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