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Editing Page Content

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The Page Content Window

The page content window is a "What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get" editor which dictates what will be shown on the center of your page. It is similar in operation to programs like Microsoft Word, in that it is set up for basic text manipulation and image management.


Below is a short description of each button which is available on the toolbar:

Bold text style (Ctrl+B).

Italic text style (Ctrl+I).

Underline text style (Ctrl+U).

Strikethrough text style.

Align left.

Align center.

Align right.

Unordered list/bullet list.

Ordered list/numbered list.

Outdent/decrease indentation.

Indent/increase indentation.

Undo the last operation (Ctrl+Z).

Redo the last operation (Ctrl+Y).

Insert a new link.

Insert a new anchor, read more about this function in the Insert anchor section.

Insert a new image. Clicking this button will open up a window which allows you to upload and edit your pictures.

Cleanup code/Removes unwanted formating. This function is useful when you copy contents from for example a office product.

Opens HTML source code editor.

Inserts a new table at the current location.

Adds a row above the current one.

Adds a row under the current one.

Adds a column before the current one.

Adds a column after the current one.

Removes the current column.


CSS Style Selector

If it is enabled, you will also see a drop down list labeled "Styles". This contains a list of the Custom CSS styles which have been created for your site. Selecting a style from this list will apply it to your selected text. For more information on creating a "CSS Style" visit our CSS Styles page


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