Working with Tables

A table can be created in your website by clicking on the Create Tables button ( ) and filling out the following options:

It is usually a good idea to determine how many rows or columns you would like to see in your table, before beginning to insert one into your page.

All of the following settings are measured in pixels:

This describes the space between the contents of the cell and the cell wall. This works in a similar way to margins on a page. The borders (whether shown or not) will remain intact, but images and graphics will be placed with an equal amount of space to the edges of the table cell.

This determines the space between cells of your table and is more easily seen when using the feature in conjuction with borders. If left alone, some browsers use a default value of 2 pixels.

Allows for a border around each of your cells. The color of this border is unable to be changed.

NOTE - Maximum width for your table is 588 pixels wide if you are not using any right hand sublinks, news headlines, or right column content. This means that if you set a border to 1 pixel and cellpadding to 5 pixels, you will have to add 1+1+5+5 to determine the amount of pixels to subtract from 588. This will then equal your width. If using no borders and no padding or cellspacing, this can be set at 588 or less - depending on your preference. A table used in conjuction to right column content, news headlines, or sublinks can extend to a maximum width of 375 pixels.

Table height is usually determined automatically, based upon the size of your content.

If you have created a CSS Style that you would like all of the text in your table to abide by, you can determine this CSS class here.

Table Caption
Checking this box will enable you to add a title caption immediately above your table. When editing it, the caption will appear as below. Simply click your mouse pointer directly above the table to insert and edit the caption:


Advanced Table Settings



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