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Creating Links

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Choosing Links

Creating a link is relatively simple, especially if it is a link to another page within your site. If you wish to link to a site outside of the Salvation Army, please consider the following:

  • The page should reflect the values and ethics of the Salvation Army.
  • The page can not disparage against any race, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic group, nationality, or gender.
  • The page can not promote a specific political perspective.


Creating a Link

Select the word or image that you would like to make a link. An image will have white boxes appear around the corners, showing that it is selected. The text should simply be highlighted. Next, click on the chainlink button in the page content toolbar ( ). This will bring up the Web Link manager:

Web Manager makes it easy to link to a specific page within your site - simply click on the name of the page. This link will remain intact, even if the page is re-named, or moved to a new parent page.

If you would like to link to a separate website, either type or paste (CTRL+C to Copy and CTRL+V to Paste) the link, and click on Add.

*Note - Currently, the newest versions of Firefox for Windows are unable to create the link when the "Add" button is pressed. It is recommend that you either use Internet Explorer or manually add the link using custom HTML.

Removing a Link

Unfortunately, it is not possible in Web Manager, either in Firefox or IE, to quickly remove or change a link that has been created. The best option is to either delete and re-insert the image or text, or alter the HTML coding of the link, if you have knowledge to do so. News will be posted on this site when this feature has been corrected.

Be certain of your link destination when creating a new link!


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