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WebManager is an application which allows the creation of professional looking websites without the need to learn any programming or layout languages. It runs exclusively in a web browser, is designed to be easy to operate and does not require any other software be installed on the users machine.

There are two sides to WebManager - the administrative side, which is what this document focuses on, and the actual website the public can access, which is referred to as the "the public site".

This guide has been written for an average computer user, and does not assume in depth technical knowledge. It is not a complete beginners guide however, so you will need to know the basics of using the Internet and be moderately familiar with using a computer in general. But don't worry, if you can use your computer to write and send an email, you can use WebManager!


Minimum system requirements

WebManager will run on any operating System which has a web browser. The WebManager has been tested on, and is known to work in the following web browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5+ on Microsoft Windows. (Most Reliable)
Mozilla Firefox (all versions) running on Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Linux/Unix. (This browser does tend to have some bugs that are not visible in Internet Explorer - it works will if planning to update via HTML)

WebManager has not been tested on, but is known to work to some extent in Opera 9. WebManager has been tested on and is known not to work on Safari (all versions). The public side of the website works in all major browsers (and even a few minor ones!).


Using Different Web Browsers

The two most commonly used Web Browsers are Internet Explorer and Firefox. It is recommended that anyone making edits to the website have both browsers installed. Often, layout problems that occur in Firefox will not show up in Internet Explorer, and vice versa. These can include issues with image & table sizes, broken links, different spacings between paragraphs, etc. The majority of users may not run into problems, but if you are making advance edits this is especially important. Be sure to check your pages in both browsers, and with as many different screen resolutions as you can!





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