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WebManager has a number of skins available in the Website Settings section that have been created for various programs and Divisions. Many of these skins are specific to these original uses and are not necessarily applicable to your site. While effort has been made to create new skins at the Territorial level, this is a group effort involving International staff, and the process is often very slow. In the US, new skins are currently not being developed while effort is made to move toward a new website platform.

That said, there is one particular skin available to the USA Central Territory - the NHQ Skin - Divisional Version - which proves helpful in adding a different "look" to the overall site. 

This skin can be selected under "Website Settings" by choosing it from the "Use Skin" dropdown menu. Once this is selected, and the settings are saved, your website will take on a different appearance (much like that of the National Headquarters Website).

I've changed the skin, but my site looks weird...

Once the skin is changed, there is some work to be done to ensure that it looks how it should. First, in order to have the "menu images" created for the parent-level pages, you will need to open each of the parent pages, add a space after the page title, or rename the page, and hit save. This will then generate the script needed to create this image.

Next you will want to visit each page in order to determine what, if any, changed need to be made. These changes might include a different image size, a change in how the content is laid out, etc. It will also be necessary to manually activate the right column in order to make use of that space.



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